About Nic

My Passions

I'm Nichole and I love designing pretty things. But I also love homemaking ( I used to loath it before marriage). These two passions created a slight dilemma.

Because I enjoy taking on mini decor projects my home office began to resemble a Michaels craft store and my closet started busting at the seams with art supplies, storage containers, boxes, and thrift store finds. 


As a creator I confess I'm actually a minimalist at heart and no matter how organized my little office was I felt overwhelmed with what I had accumulated.

So, I tackled my cluttered home office by donating 99.9% of my inventory. I didn't care how much money I spent on my stash, it had to go before I went looney tune. 

Although, my purged space became more relaxing and less stressful to work in I missed doing my little projects and toying with the design concept ideas that haunted me at night while trying to sleep –the mind of a creator never rests

Printables by Nic

This led me to create Printables by Nic. I now have the best of both worlds. Through my shop I am able to combine my homemaking skills with digital design work without the worry of clutter while providing a product I know homemakers and mamas will love.

As a mama of two little ones my goal is to help homemakers and or mamas stay organized and inspired with my easy to download printables.

Why Choose Printables by Nic?

  • All design work are original concepts and created by me using my computer

  • All quotes are conceived by myself

  • My designs are specific for homemakers and or mamas

  • Printables by Nic is more than a e-commerce shop, it's a brand

  • Customer service is the utmost importance

  • I shy away from popular trends to keep my designs unique and relevant to my target customer

  • Printable by Nic strives to better its brand everyday

  • Did I mention I value my customers?

  • I use both humor and inspiring words in my design work to help brighten my customer's day

  • I support other small business owners by purchasing their mockups for PbN product images

  • I write blog posts to help other homemakers and mompreneurs launch their very own art printable shop with Squarespace

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around Printables by Nic.