Why Blogging is Essential for Your Squarespace Printable Art Store

Blog Post: Why Blogging is Essential for Your Squarespace Printable Art Store – www.printablesbynic.com

Blogging is Essential

Blogging is essential to the success of your Squarespace printable art store. I know, I know no one wants to hear that. I mean you have so much already on your plate. With creating fresh printable designs to maintaining your website why would you need to add more to your workload?

Well let me be the first to remind you that running a successful online business is not easy or any business for that matter. I understand that your goal is to create passive income, but there’s still work involved upfront.

In this blog post I will explain why blogging is paramount when running an online business especially when it comes to a digital art print shop so keep reading.

Disclaimer: I am not receiving affiliate compensation for promoting Squarespace in this blog post. I am sharing an honest, unbiased review of the platform.

The benefits of blogging

SEO payoff

In my last blog post I mentioned the importance of SEO for your website. If you are going independent and not using a marketplace platform like Etsy to sell your printables you must learn SEO. Why, because marketplaces take care of their own when it comes to some built in SEO aspects and you just went full autonomy.

You are going to have to get down right dirty making sure your art print website is fully loaded with SEO gems. But, I will assure you that once you get the hang of utilizing image alt texts, product and blog post tags, and SEO titles and descriptions it will pay off in the long run.

Now, how does blogging help with SEO? Well, Google search engine is an information juggernaut crushing all other search engine platforms. And if you want to be discovered on Google search you must feed the beast. You feed the beast with quality SEO keywords/phrases from your site and writing quality content.

When you make Google search happy you reap the benefits of being found and people clicking onto your site. The more appropriately, targeted people who come to your site the more likely you’ll make a sell.

Blogging can make this happen. Of course you must post quality blog articles to intrigue readers, but it’s another avenue for marketing your printable art designs. By using appropriate keywords/phases throughout your article and catchy blog post titles you are telling Google, Hey, I have what they (the targeted audience) need, send them to me!

It’s not impossible, but it is a little more difficult to get your instant art print shop to rank in Google if you barely have copy on your website. It’s not enough to have product descriptions, you need more substance. Blogging is the perfect way to do that.

Marketing Capabilities

This is one of the main reasons why I chose Squarespace over Etsy and Shopify. Now Etsy and Shopify both have their benefits. Etsy has a built in marketplace community and Shopify has tons of plugin extras to run a smooth shop. But when it comes to blogging capabilities neither comes close to Squarespace.

This is important in my case because I don’t do social media. Okay, so I have a Pinterest account I’m getting off the ground as well as a YouTube channel in it’s infancy stage, but that’s it.

I don’t use Facebook or Instagram for I learned years ago they are valuable time leachers. But if you use those platforms more power to you. I ain’t mad at ya.

The only other organic way I can market my shop online is through blogging and Squarespace makes that simple for me. I can have my shop and blog all under one roof without leading my audience and or potential customers away to another platform.

I can have a cohesive brand throughout my art print website if someone decides to visit my blog then my shop. It makes my printable store look professional and well thought out.

The other marketing benefit is that you can embed your products or their images into your blog posts easily. This gives you another opportunity to promote your products other than just displaying them in your physical shop or home page. You want to make sure you do this in a tasteful manner and only when appropriate.

Newsletter Signup Opportunities

As a business owner I’m sure you understand the benefits of growing an email list. It allows you to reach your audience outside of your website and to keep them connected. Blogging allows you to gain new subscribers who are interested in not only your products, but what you have to say.

The last thing you want to do is seem spammy by only sending out product based newsletters. Eventually, you will turn off your subscribers. But if you incorporate quality blog post updates you are adding more value to your subscription.


What Should you write About?

This may be the tricky part, but I’m sure you’ll overcome it. What you write about is up to you. Just make sure it fits into your printable art niche.

For example, if you are selling nursery prints you can write about raising a family, the latest trending baby gear, or post fun arts and craft projects for children. If you are selling watercolor prints you can write about how to master this technique and or the tools and supplies you may need. You can even embed watercolor video tutorials into your blog posts.

As for me, my niche is printable art designed for homemakers and or mamas. Therefore, I write about how my target audience can launch their own digital art print shop with Squarespace.

There are a lot of online printable art shops of all sorts, but not everyone is writing blog posts. This is where you can take full advantage and set your shop apart by writing about topics you are passionate for. You don’t need to be an expert in your subject, just write from the heart.

How often should you write?

This is where that additional hard work comes into play. When you first open your printable shop you should be writing at least 5 posts a month, minimum for the next 6 months straight. That comes to 30 posts. Yikes!

Reason being is that Google search engine needs reassurance that you have an active website with quality content. Google doesn’t know who you (really your website) are yet and is cautious.

Because you decided to go the independent route it will take longer for your website to rank. If you have stagnate content on your site or not enough you are short changing your growth opportunities in the early phase. Honestly, you’re letting potential future sales slip away.

If you can’t accomplish the 30 posts in 6 months, make sure your content is topnotch quality in both substance and length. Make it a priority that your content contains those all important keyword/phrases appropriate for your niche and at least 1,500 words. Try to write a few pillar posts containing 2,500 to 3,000 words. This is how to get noticed and create authority within the printable art field.

The ultimate goal is 30 posts the first year, but the 6 month aim is so that you can gain traction in the early phases of your shop’s development. Where did I come up with these stats?

Other than observing successful businesses that have done this I’ve been educating myself through a YouTube channel called Income School. The creators of this channel specialize in Amazon Affiliate Marketing, but I’ve taken pieces of their valuable lessons and incorporated them into my niche and I’m already seeing results. Through trial and error these guys know what they’re talking about.

The Successful Shop Owners

If you take notice to all the successful, independently owned printable shop websites the number one thing they all have in common is a blog. And although, many have been in business for a few years the number of posts that they have are plentiful. This means most have blogged since the very beginning of their store opening or even before.

Over time Google rewarded these art print shops for adding value to the search engine by ranking them highly. The best lesson to learn from these stores is that success in this industry is a marathon, not a sprint. Very rarely do independent online shops go zero to 100 organically overnight. Patience is king!

The reality is that you have to nurture your shop and plant good seeds in fertile ground during the infancy stages to reap the big benefits later.
— Nic

Sharing Your Blog Posts

Don’t sell yourself short by not promoting your blog posts across social media. Pinterest tends to come to mind first when sharing blog posts. But there are other places to share such as Instagram and Youtube.

I didn’t mention Facebook because research has shown there is a poor traffic conversion rate on that platform. Instagram is only slightly better, but still higher than Facebook.

If you have a YouTube channel and post videos you can share your blog, shop, and or specific blog posts in the description box. Just link your posts and remember to incorporate the https:// in your hyper link otherwise it won’t be clickable on YouTube. You want to make it easy for your audience to get to your art printable website without them having to copy and paste links into the web browser.

If you don’t post videos you can still share your website and blog in the About tab on your channel. All you have to do is go to Customize Channel and click on the upper right corner of your channel banner and you’ll see a box with a pencil inside it. Click on that and select Edit Links. From there scroll to the bottom where it says Custom Links and add the links to your website and blog there remembering to include the https:// and hit Done.

Now your links will be displayed on the channel banner and anyone who visits your channel will also see the links in the About section at the bottom. Easy breezy! I love checking to see if people have blogs or businesses and often visit those pages.

Final Thoughts

There is no way around the fact that blogging is essential for your digital art print business. We all aren’t natural writers, but if you need help with that source it out. Bottom line if you post quality articles on your website you will appreciate the extra effort in the future.

In order to make sales you have to drive traffic from outside and blogging does just that. All Squarespace templates offer a blog option that’s included in your plan. You can do promotional ad campaigns, but that may not be in your budget or worth your money.

Running a shop isn’t easy, but when those profits start rolling in you’ll be grateful you put in the hard work at the start. Best of all because you went with an independent website you won’t have to worry about your shop shutting down like others do using a marketplace platform. That’s enough for anyone to lose their cool.


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What are you likes and dislikes about blogging? I’d love to hear.

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